Subject: Re: verbiage for invention assignment and non-disclosure
From: wizard@SPT.CSCNS.COM ()
Date: Fri, 28 May 93 8:58:49 MDT

I don't have a good paragraph.  I am lucky that the company I work for
does not sell software products and the non-disclosure and invention
aggreement only applies to things releated to semiconductors.
People who are working for software places seem to always have your
problem.  Many of them require them to aggree that all software
develop belong to the company.  I was reading a copyright book that
(1986) that suggested that if you used a company computer to 
design software, you were still the owner of the copyright.  But,
a signed agreement will override this.  I am sure you know this already.
The company will not just let you append some exceptions to the agreement?
And if you mofify code already gnu copyrighted they can't keep it
out of the public domain, except that you could get them pissed off
at you, which is no fun at all.

Good Luck,