Subject: Re: How Microsoft Thinks
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 25 Dec 1998 04:27:27 -0000

 >    >> Free Software, maybe?  ;-)

 >     Kragen> Sounds good to me.  :)

 > Sounds better to me than Open Source.  See
 > `', with
 > which I pretty much agree (in fact, I read it just a couple days ago,
 > and a lot of it conincides with what I thought about the issue myself
 > before I had seen it).

"Open Source" exists as a trademark for several reasons:

1) "Free software" can be and has been used to describe gratis software.
2) Some people think "free" means valueless.
3) Some people think "free" means zero cost.

There's no point in saying "Open Source" to people who already
understand that freedom is the important part.  There's no point in
saying "Free Software" to people who don't understand that it means

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