Subject: verbiage for invention assignment and non-disclosure
From: gumby@CYGNUS.COM (D. V. Henkel-Wallace)
Date: Fri, 28 May 93 12:54:51 EDT

   Date: Fri, 28 May 93 00:12:02 -0700
   From: (Tim Wicinski)

   i'm doing some work for some people who want me to sign the
   normal non-disclosure and invention assignment agreement. 
   however, some of the work will be free s/w related (gcc related), and i
   want to make sure that anything i end up doing for them will be able 
   to funneled back into the free s/w morass. Since most of the stuff to be
   done will not directly be disclosing any trade secrets, i don't see the
   problem with this. But i'm looking for a good paragraph of legalese
   which someone else may have already put forth to do this. The few
   attempts i have tried have not fared well.  Any ideas? 

We have the following language in our standard terms and conditions:

\section{Intellectual Property}

All changes, enhancements, modifications, or other developments in
{\em software} to which the GNU General Public License applies will be
freely available from \cygnus\ under the terms of the GNU General
Public License.  In particular, \customer\ will have full access to
use this software as provided by the GNU General Public License.  In
addition, \cygnus\ will not attempt to limit in any way \customer's
use of algorithms, ideas, or methods of implementation which were used
in the development or enhancements of {\em software}.