Subject: Attention Linux support vendors
From: yci@NETCOM.COM (Yggdrasil Computing)
Date: Sat, 29 May 93 03:03:41 -0700

	If your business sells support for Linux, particularly
Yggdrasil LGX (Linux/GNU/X operating system), please drop me a line.

	A trade publication is doing an article on the LGX beta
release.  In my communication with the person who is doing the article, 
I mentioned that, because LGX is free software, one can expect a more
competitive market in software services such as support.  In response
to this claim, the person writing the article asked for a list of
businesses that offer Linux support.  I know of a few such
organizations, but I would like to have a more comprehensive list to
give to this publication.

	If you would like your business to be included in this list,
please send me the following information:

		1. the name of your business
		2. background information about your business,
		2. contact information,
		3. what services your business offers,
		4. pricing

	If information about your business appears in this article, I would
expect it to be condensed into a single sentence, so you may want to
include a suggested sentence that covers all of the above information.

	In addition, the LGX manual includes a list of third party
service vendors.  You can have contact information and a paragraph
about your business included in the manual for free.  

	If your business is currently sells Linux support, you can get
a copy of the LGX beta release for free.  Over 1,400 copies of the beta
release have been shipped to date, including about 100 freebies.

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