Subject: embedded systems vs. GPL
From: pc123@CUS.CAM.AC.UK (Pete Chown)
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 93 16:51 BST

   I'm confused.  What is the problem?  How are binaries on ROM any
   different from binaries on a floppy?  All the GPL requires is that the
   sources be _available_--you don't actually have to ship them with
   every set of ROMs.

Or just send people a disc with the source on.  "We don't expect
you'll want to reprogram the eproms in your washing machine, but if
you do, here's the source!"  :-)

There is a remote boot ROM for 386BSD on the net.  It is actually
under the Mach copyright (I think) but suppose that it was under the
GPL.  Then, I decide to sell ethernet cards with these ROMs plugged
in; I just send people the source to the remote boot ROM along with
the card.  This is actually useful, since although you wouldn't want
to reprogram your washing machine, it is just about possible that you
might want to fix bugs or change a remote boot ROM.  I suppose this
isn't really an embedded system, but it almost is...