Subject: Re: RFC on this situation
From: (Gavin Thomas Nicol)
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 93 17:10:06 JST

I think I've been in Japan too long. I don't seem to communicate very
well these days... 

>lot of development that happens here, and I get the feeling that we sell
>the software almost as much as we're selling the support.  It depends a lot

  How can you sell the software if I can pick it up via ftp? There
  must be some other incentive for a business to choose Cygnus than
  Joe Blow down the street who'll sell it for less.

>on the customer, and how they feel about free software.  Some people want
>GCC on its technical merits, and they don't care about source code.  Others
>only half care.  It's a mixed bag.  Free software has to compete on a
>technical basis, or else it won't survive.  It doesn't have to be superior

  Of course, and that's where Cygnus does it's development: in making
  the software good enough that people will choose it over proprietary
  software---which then leads to service contracts.

  One day, we will have applications too....

>And even if I don't get fabulously wealthy, it's great talking to the folks
>at the AT&T booth at trade shows who absolutely claim that you *CANNOT*
>make any sort of money unless your code is tightly protected by patents,
>trade secret agreements, and copyrights.   

  Time will prove that you cannot make a lot of money *only* by
  protecting it with patents, trade secret agreements, and 
  copyrights. You need innovation, and end-user solutions too.