Subject: Re: Do We Need a New Evangelist
From: "D. V. Henkel-Wallace" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 11:49:36 -0800

At 19:23 30-03-99 +0000, Russell Nelson wrote:
>Ian Lance Taylor writes:
> > However, a license like the NPL provides additional rights beyond that
> > to the original author.
>Ahhhh, I see.  Anybody who's interested in dual-licensing is going to
>have a similar requirement, even if it's not enshrined in the license.

Not at all.  Consider cygwin.  There's a GPL version and (for those who 
can't use GPL) a non-GPL version Cygnus sells.  Nothing happens 
automatically; If you execute an assignment Cygnus can add your code to its 
code base but you lose no rights...and you can use,and even distribute 
modified versions of the GPLed code without an assignment, just as you can 
with GCC.

Ian's issue is very important.  I had a long argument with rms when we were 
writing the library license (lgpl) because I wanted to allow the author to 
define the calling interface, and he didn't want to give the author that 
special right (or rather he wanted people to be able to fix the calling 
convention) even though it opened up a huge callback loophole.  Even in 
making a concession in trying to reach out to more people, he wouldn't 
sacrifice _that_ freedom.  I'm glad he took that stand.  I learned a lot 
from it.

Whatever the intentions, I feel that the "open source" movement has become 
an umbrella that people can hide under.  I think apple wanted to do the 
right thing, but their thinking was alien to their model, so they needed 
more guidance than they got.  It would have been better if they had said 
"well the hell with that, this is what we plan to do.  We don't need your 
blessing" rather than get a blessing for the license they ended up using.

I think it has become self-defeating; "open source" means little more these 
days than just shipping the source code.  I think that it will be hard to 
fix without making a big schism and making it look to the uninitiated that 
the FS community is a bunch of quarreling doody-heads (remember the 
People's Front of Judea vs the Judean People's Front?).

Far better to declare victory and disband.  How appropriate for a 
decentralised movement!