Subject: Re: Do We Need a New Evangelist
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 31 Mar 1999 01:09:19 -0000

D. V. Henkel-Wallace writes:
 >    Date: 30 Mar 1999 20:15:28 -0000
 >    From: Russell Nelson <>
 >    D. V. Henkel-Wallace writes:
 >     > I think it has become self-defeating; "open source" means little
 >     > more these days than just shipping the source code.
 >    Where *do* people get this idea from??  Slashdot Anonymous Cowards?
 > Come on Russell, you and I have known each other long enough to skip
 > this kind of thing.

I don't mean *you*, I mean other people.  I said that to
simultaneously acknowledge the truth that people do indeed have that
idea, and to let you know that I deprecate the source of that idea,
whoever it is....

 > Perhaps I could better rephrase this as `"open source" means little
 > more to 99% of the population these days than just shipping the source
 > code.'

So fine, where are they getting this idea from?  Any ``open source''
license allows complete freedom of redistribution of modifications.
Anybody who doesn't do this gets whacked by yours truly.  There's only 
two parties who haven't acknowledged the primacy of the trademark, and 
I haven't whacked them very hard yet.

 > Most of the companies making open source announcements have little
 > intention of becoming FSBs.  The question is: by their taking the
 > first step, can they be pushed further down the path, and is it worth
 > it (I think so, yes).  Otherwise we don't need to have this discussion
 > on FSB.

Right, right, and right.  IMHO, Apple is doing this so that Apple's
users can stick cards into their PCI busses and still have drivers.
I'm sure it wasn't Apple's idea; I'm sure it was persistent
negotiation on the part of Apple's users.  Like all heads of state or
business, Jobs is taking credit for it.  But it's the people who drove 
them to it.  Elites never give up power willingly.  They have to be
forced, through the efforts of 10, 10K, or 10M people to do it.

-russ nelson <>
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