Subject: Re: ESR is not quitting (OT!)
From: Rich Morin <>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 18:44:14 -0800

> As an ex-Cygnite, I also hope he will come to understand that
> Cygnus does a great deal for the community.

Yes, and I'd like to see him treat RMS more kindly.  But then, I'd
like to see RMS treat Dr. O. better and ... well, never mind...

Anyway, I had ESR on a panel last month; he and Michael Tiemann got
along just fine, as did Bruce Perens, Jordan Hubbard, Ron Record,
and I.  In fact, the entire crowd was polite and civil, not just
the panel.  I would like to see more of that...

Having watched ESR in action, both in public and quiet interchange,
I am amazed by his abilities and perceptions.  OTOH, I am amazed by
the abilities and perceptions of many members of this community, as
well as (occasionally) appalled by their occasional insensitivity
and lack of maturity.  (Myself not excepted :-)

It is possible to disagree quietly and politely with others; let's
try that first.  We can always start fights later if we need to, or
if we're just bored by all the congeniality...

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