Subject: Re: Do We Need a New Evangelist
From: Scott Goehring <>
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 12:39:31 -0500

In article <>, Bob Weiner
<> writes:

Bob> History indicates that despite widescale media publicity
Bob> throughout the years: [list of trends deleted] all of these
Bob> trends continue unabated.

Bob> I'll further stick my neck out and say that the community
Bob> developments you will see over the next two years will strengthen
Bob> OSS diversity and longevity to such a point that there will be
Bob> little question of its long-term viability.

I further offer that these trends will continued with or without OSS
"evangelism", and that in fact the best advocacy for free software
comes the software itself, not from the ideologues who stump for it on
the public-apperance circuit.