Subject: Re: Do We Need a New Evangelist
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 1 Apr 1999 18:40:48 -0000

Scott Goehring writes:
 > In article <>, Russell Nelson <>
 > I have long contended that ESR's "Homesteading" thesis is incorrect.
 > The primary motivation behind writing libre software is
 > self-enablement; that is, people write libre software to solve a
 > problem that they need solved, usually for their own use.

Then why give it away, with all the accompanying costs?  People
criticize you for doing <X>, they call you and ask for help, they send 
you surface mail, and they send email.  You could avoid those costs by 
giving the software away anonymously.  I've never seen anyone do
that.  That says (to me) that people give away software to get
recognition.  If they don't want that recognition, they don't give
their software away.

-russ nelson <>
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