Subject: Re: Do We Need a New Evangelist
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 1 Apr 1999 19:05:53 -0000

Ben Laurie writes:
 > Russell Nelson wrote:
 > > Well, that's why we have a trademark on Open Source(tm).  We intend to
 > > limit use of it to those projects which we expect to be successful --
 > > that is, those for which programmer freedom is an important and
 > > necessary characteristic.  Maybe we don't talk about it all the
 > > time--maybe we emphasize the benefits (as perceived by the people
 > > we're marketing the idea to), but it's *got* to be there.
 > Who is "we"?  Disclaimer: I speak for myself.

 > What is your criterion for "success"?

Being interesting enough to attract improvements, and having a license
which permits those distribution of those improvements.  For example,
mgr was a very nice windowing system, but it's license didn't permit
commercial distribution.

 > Why should I give a damn what "we" think will be "successful"?

Can you explain why I should give a damn what you think?  If you can,
that's probably your answer for why you should give a damn.  One
simple answer would be "Well, there's only one Internet, and you keep
running into the same people again and again, and it doesn't do to
hack one of them off."

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