Subject: Re: open source winter
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 2 Apr 1999 20:06:25 -0000

Ian Lance Taylor writes:
 > I think the effect will be to return free software to roughly the
 > state it was in five years ago: perceived as hackerware or hobbyist
 > code, not suitable for use in serious commercial enterprises.

That would be a prejudice.  Free markets punish prejudice.  Those
companies which continued to use free software on the basis of its
benefits to them would prosper over those which reject it based on a

 > If I were a free software spokesman to the press, I would be working
 > to lower expectations, to stick to the proven story--existing free
 > software is highly reliable--and avoid the unproven ones--that free
 > software can be end-user friendly, or that adequate end-user support
 > is available, or that businesses can do well by freeing their source
 > code.

Did you read ?  It
explains the "end-user friendly" idea fairly well.  Doesn't propose
any solutions that I can see, but it explains it.

-russ nelson <>
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