Subject: Re: Do We Need a New Evangelist
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 3 Apr 1999 04:49:48 -0000

BTW, in case anybody hasn't clued into it yet, starting a free
software certification business is NOT the first step on the road to
wealth.  :) Let's just say that the business model is a *tad* broken.

Brian Behlendorf writes:
 > >  > c) visibly accept input from the broad community
 > > 
 > Russell, I think I know what you're referring to, and it's a good first
 > step, but not the last one.

The first step will inform us of the next one.

 > >  > d) be democratic
 > > 
 > > It doesn't matter who makes the rules, as long as the rules treat
 > > everyone fairly.  Calls for democracy usually result when there are
 > > allegations of unfairness, which is what all your other objections
 > > address.
 > I would dispute this strongly.  In so far as OSI attempt to speak for any
 > community - the "hacker" community, the open source community, etc., its
 > mandate is derived from that community, and it *must* listen to its
 > constituents.

I'm not arguing for ignorance, I'm arguing for independence.  The
danger of democracy is that interested parties vote harder.  A recent
example taken from recent news is the tariff on steel.  Aging industry
with stranded capital goods fails to compete; seeks solace in
government protection "because steel is a strategic industry".
Nonsense, stuff, and balderdash.  The more strategic an industry, the
more important it is to keep costs down.  Too late!  Steel industry
has already bought its legislators.  They trade off votes with other
boughten legislators (aren't they all??) in a crude form of a market.

Example for a free software business?  Maybe Sun can't compete with
GCC, so they partially open their source, say with their community
license, and lobby/buy developers to get it labelled Open Source.
*I* say no way, but if I must abide by those developers, I'm screwed.

-russ nelson <>
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