Subject: Re: Do We Need a New Evangelist
Date: 3 Apr 1999 15:09:00 -0000

I'm not sure I see how truly democratizing the OSI process could practically
work.  Perhaps I'm just not cognizant of examples of democratic public
control of private properties akin to trademarks.

Successful control (and, therefore, proper treatment) of a property
seems to always boil down to depending on only those who have a stake
in that property's success being able to participate in the decision-
making processes that affect it.

When people need not demonstrate -- via fiscal investment, affiliation
requiring time/commitment e.g. by being on an advistory board, etc. --
their stake in the property before being permitted to vote on its
disposal, however good the intentions of *some* might be, the process
invites the participation, in great numbers, of those who desire to
subvert the property.

*Partial*, or stake-based, democratization is possible, though.
That's basically what every US corporation has at its core, for
example.  And, OSI could, if it wanted (and had the resources),
take polls of public opinion, which people seem, nowadays, to think
of (incorrectly) as democracy in action.

        tq vm, (burley)