Subject: unsubscribe
From: Scott Michel <scottm@INTIME.INTIME.COM>
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 93 11:18:52 PDT

Kindly unsubscribe me from this list. It's gotten to the point that
you all are discussing the number of angels that can sit on the head
of a pin. Free Software Businesses will not work in the long run -
you can't just give away your software and then hope that people will
pay for support. It's not a good self-policing system. Anything that
relies on the good nature of people is hopelessly lost from the start.

You haven't nailed down your target market audience all that well
either. FSBs may be good for low level products like TCP/IP Ethernet
drivers. (Yes, crynwr, we have them in the FTP product. Pretty good,
but the installation needs a lot of help.) But as far as end user
products are concerned, what FSBs offer is similar to creating high
quality iron pigs, handing them to the user, and then saying "OK, now
make your ploughshare" when the user wanted a ploughshare to begin

Sometimes making source code available isn't the most appropriate thing,
as is apparent by the discussion of the embedded systems and the GPL.
Or the discussion about free software spreadsheets.

As one last parting shot, socialism is dead. (Ok, so some of you haven't
noticed this yet, and continue to tilt at windmills.) FSBs are founded on
the concept of socialist computer programming. Fortunately, some of you
out there have figured out that you need to eat too, and thus are in a
quandry about how to keep your shop a FSB and still make money without it
bothering your collective consciences. Good luck.

 (An Ayn Rand Objectivist: keep this in mind when you flame me.)