Subject: Re: Do We Need a New Evangelist
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 12 Apr 1999 02:54:04 -0000

Kragen Sitaker writes:
 > Russell Nelson writes:
 > > No.  Bruce is just over-reacting, as usual.
 > Did Eric actually write the text Bruce quoted?  Was it in reference to
 > Bruce disagreeing with him in public about the APSL, in reference to
 > Bruce's writing entitled, "Do We Need a New Evangelist", or something
 > else?

Something else, I expect.  It's nothing like timely enough to be that.

 > Eric's public response to the public disagreement about the APSL
 > worries me.  If this is his private response, I am even more worried.

I suspect Bruce got to ranting, and Eric said what he said.  Most
flamage, taken out of context, would be actionable.  Most things said
at a hockey game, taken out of context, would be actionable.  Heck,
most things US presidential candidates said to one another a hundred
years ago would be the basis of an immediate defamation lawsuit.
Context is everything; Bruce has given us nothing of it.

 > The fact is, OSI is not the free software community, and people in the
 > free software community have the right to politely disagree with OSI
 > without being publicly flamed, called "immature", accused of "throwing
 > bombs" when they "should have known better", accused of "splintering the
 > community", etc.

If you don't see why Eric uses those terms, you should set your
slashdot threshold to zero, and read all the comments.  You don't see
that kind of response to postings to fsb, because people don't respond 
here in that manner.  Like goes to like.

-russ nelson <>
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