Subject: Re: Big software struggles with open source
From: (Frank Hecker)
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 10:38:16 -0400 wrote:
> Don't forget to mention (in *any* discussions with reporters) that
> the term "developer" sometimes should be considered to include people
> who work on documentation, packaging, and so on.  True, they're not
> "core developers" the way most people think, but their work often goes
> directly into the products.

Rather than trying to stretch the term "developer" in this way, it might
be simpler just to emphasize "participants" (or "active participants",
or "core participants") in a project; this would encompass actual
developers as well as people who create documentation, develop test
suites, create UI designs and mockups, do language localizations (e.g.,
translate text messages in the code), or even just provide good advice
on a continuing basis.  (There are people like this in the Mozilla
project who have never written a line of code and never will, but whose
advice has been extremely valuable in working through design and related
issues.)  This was something I tried to highlight in my "Mozilla at One"

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