Subject: Re: GNU licensing, free software and reality
From: tzs@STEIN2.U.WASHINGTON.EDU (Tim Smith)
Date: 20 Jun 93 23:37:07 GMT

In article <> (Ian Lance Taylor) writes:
>>systems, etc.).  There's not much market for support, enhancements, or
>>maintainence.  We've got to get all our costs back from the hardware
>>vendor for the initial sale.
>I don't see that that is an argument as to whether the software should
>be put under the GPL.  If anything, your customer should see the GPL
>as an advantage (or, at worst, neutral) and should pay the same amount
>of money regardless.  In that market, you probably do not have to
>worry about your customers sharing the product.

It wasn't meant to be an argument for or against GPL directly.  It was an
argument that it is not true that for all software you can make your
money in support, enhancements, or maintainence.

As far as GPL goes, I think the customer would see it as a big negative.
Remember, I'm talking about firmware here for embedded systems or controller
cards.  The source code does not benefit the end user at all, except
possibly for general educational value.  However, it would benefit greatly
the people who make competing embedded systems or controller cards.  Yes,
they can reverse engineer, but that is not as easy as many people think.
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