Subject: Re: Microsoft may publish some source code
From: "Karsten M. Self" <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 13:47:14 -0700

Mike Olson wrote:
> CNN has published a Computerworld story on comments by Steve Ballmer
> of Microsoft.  Ballmer spoke at a Tibco user group meeting on his
> company's "open source" strategy.  The term was consistently used
> without capitalization throughout.
> Near the end of the article, Ballmer suggests that Microsoft may publish
> source code for some of its database connectivity tools.  At the very end
> of the article, Ballmer backpedals on earlier speculation that Microsoft
> might embrace open source in any significant way.

This is an increasingly reiterated tease of MSFT -- that they will open
their sources, somewhat.  It first aired last fall, IIRC, around the
time of SIEBOLD SF (sp? -- the publishing conference).

The full context for the comments in the article below were that
Ballmer's comments were in response to an audience question on Linux. 
One of the Linux news sites (likely Slashdot or LinuxToday) carried a
pretty good analysis as well as pointers to a press article providing
the context I mention.

To date, with 6-9 months of teasing, there's been little additional
opening of MSFT sources in response to Linux and OSS, though it's
clearly on MSFT's conciousness.  MSFT have historically published some
source, and made other sources available under contractual agreements,
particularly for development tools/aids, and to strategic partners
(read: future assimilation targets).  AFAIK, there's been no significant
change in these practices, either toward greater openness or closed

My read:  stay tuned, but don't lose sleep.

More significant news -- Ted Lewis, IEEE Computer's "Binary Critic"
attempts to mitigate the self-inflicted credibility carnage he'd
committed in his previous article "Open Source Acid Test"
(  Discussion at
LinuxToday (  The article is of
interest as it may be reflective of future emissions from IEEE, who seem
to have trouble deciding what to make of OSS, or even understanding what
it is.

The spirit of John Dodge lives on.
> You can read the article at
> Enjoy,
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