Subject: Re: Microsoft may publish some source code
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 18 May 1999 03:20:34 -0000

Karsten M. Self writes:
 > More significant news -- Ted Lewis, IEEE Computer's "Binary Critic"
 > attempts to mitigate the self-inflicted credibility carnage he'd
 > committed in his previous article "Open Source Acid Test"
 > (  Discussion at
 > LinuxToday (  The article is of
 > interest as it may be reflective of future emissions from IEEE, who seem
 > to have trouble deciding what to make of OSS, or even understanding what
 > it is.

Yup, there are going to be future articles in IEEE Computer which are
critical of Open Source.  I really don't understand why they would
care.  Perhaps they think that Open Source implies massive job loss in 
the programming industry?  That's a completely foolish idea, since
about half of all programmers (or so I've been told) write code which
is never distributed outside of their employer's desmenes.

Has anybody else seen the reporting on the Mindcraft benchmarks,
wherein untuned Linux performance turned out worse than tuned NT on a
whopping big server (four Xeon processors and 4GB memory).  Does
anybody use such a large server in real life?  In my experience
servers are more likely to be a farm of smaller machines serving files
off a NFS server.  The service scales better; you can upgrade without
a forklift.

-russ nelson <>
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