Subject: the walls have ears
From: Craig Brozefsky <>
Date: 20 May 1999 20:18:53 -0700

Andrew Leonard wasted no time turning the little conversation here
about Oreilly into a short article over at Salon.

Of course, I do wish that he would refrain from non-sensical
statements like:

"Most people, Richard Stallman aside, might agree that a book is a
different animal than a computer program."

First, looking at the copyright notices on the Open Sources essays
themselves he would see that RMS did not GPL his work.  Could you
imagine him NOT GPLing a peice of software?  Obviously he is capable
of distinguishing between software and an essay.  Why do people find
it neccesarry to use RMS and his position as some kinda irrational
extreme, even to the point of deliberately mis-representing him?

Otherwise, Mr Leonard is worth a read with the morning espresso, which
should be just about the time you all are reading this 8)  Just keep
the biscotti crumbs out of that kbd.

Craig Brozefsky        <>
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