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From: tribble@MEMEX.COM (E. Dean Tribble)
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 93 17:02:01 PDT

	 noticed this yet, and continue to tilt at windmills.) FSBs are founded on
	 the concept of socialist computer programming. Fortunately, some of you
	 out there have figured out that you need to eat too, and thus are in a
	 quandry about how to keep your shop a FSB and still make money without it
	 bothering your collective consciences. Good luck.

I'm rather libertarian, and I can assure that I have no such
delusions, nor do several people that I know that are moving in the
direction of 'free' software.  One of their primary realization is
that people don't want software, they want solutions.  Making
customers pay for solutions instead of bits on a disk is a way to get
*more* money out of them, not less, and make them happy with it
because you help solve their real problems.  Much of the value even in
existing commercial software like Excel is in the manuals, tutorials,
upgrade path, etc., not just in the executable that runs the
spreadsheet.  In economic terms, my goal with FSBs is to make money on
the externalities of the software I produce (support, training, books,
consulting, etc.).

I had similarly oversimplified the FSB model until Michael Tiemann
pointed out at hackers that FSB is just a different business model
competing in the same market.