Subject: Re: OpenSources "opensourced" [real one, sorry for the premature emission]
From: "Jesus M. Gonzalez" <>
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 01:31:54 +0200 (CEST)

Stephen J. Turnbull writes:
 > [...]
 >     Jesus> 	All in all, a written text is just a piece of
 >     Jesus> information, and lots of benefit can be obtained from
 >     Jesus> incrementally improving it. Of course, that must be
 >     Jesus> compatible with correct attribution to each of the authors,
 >     Jesus> if many.
 > Not true.  In many libre licenses (although not GPL as I understand
 > it), all that needs to be done is to acknowledge the heritage of the
 > code.  As in academia, all bugs are presumed to be the responsibility
 > of the last person to touch the code, despite "standing on the
 > shoulders of giants" and "comments and reviews gratefully acknowledged."
 > So (like everything else in these purely legal constructs),
 > precision (but not accuracy) of attribution is an issue of the
 > preferences of the copyright holder.

	Of course, the copyright holder can decide under which
conditions her job can be modified. I just wanted to stress that in
many circumstances, letting people modify a document can be
beneficial. And since many authors want to be sure that no one is
going to make false attributions based on the modifications to the
document, usually some condition preventing this is desiderable. 

	But of course, many other people just don't care.


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