Subject: Re: A Free/Libre book about Free/Libre/Open Source software
From: "R. Brock Lynn" <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 04:29:47 -0500 wrote:

> Hello,
> Related with the topic of free/libre books currently being discussed
> in the list, we would like to announce you that we host at
> a free/libre book entitled "Notes on
> Libre Software", which is devoted to the topic of free/libre/Open
> Source software.
> The book is work in progress, and is being written collaboratively, so
> we encourage to you all to participate on it.

Sure. I have done some writings on the ideals of Free Software, and the
philosophy and economics behind it all. My grammar and writing style are
probably hideous, but nonetheless, here's the url:

Feel free to use any of that stuff in your work. Give me credit if you think I
deserve any. :) Rearrange it, smash it up, stir it around, shake it, bounce it
off the wall, stretch it, whatever you want to do with it. And I'll gladly
proofread whatever the result is, and even add more if I feel it's necessary, or
will help.

All for one, one for all.

Free Software!

Let Freedom lead the way. :)

Freedom coupled with Knowledge for All, is an unbeatable combination to survival
and prosperity, and everything else that is good.

> The interesting point is that the book (as every other content of the
> site) is covered by a license that gives several
> freedoms, both to readers and co-authors, including among others the
> free redistribution and modification/quoting of any text included in
> the book.

I have made all my writings available for use under the terms of the GNU General
Public License, version 2. It may not be the ultimate best license for writings,
but ... what the heck!

> These freedoms are very similar, but not identical, to the ones you
> would expect from free software. I hope that reading the license you
> find reasons why it is interesting not only to have free/libre
> software, but also books.


Now, when are we all going to do something about copyright law and knowledge /
truth patent law?

A universal truth should not be "owned" or "controlled" by anyone. Sure, give
credit where credit is due, but nothing more. almost all knowledge belongs to
all people, except of course knowledge of a private nature. ;^) 

Copyright law is not required by the US constitution, only allowed. Let's get
rid of it. Next, down with at least mathematical and algorithmic patent law.
It's no good.

Software, and knowledge in general, really should not have owners.

I have reached the stage of enlightenment to just grasp this concept, and it is
a noble one indeed.

Read RMS for more. :)

I want to patent the addition algorithm, and then show how silly such a thing is
by attempting to charge mathematics text book publishers, and the banking
industry for that algorithm's use. Am I evil or what? But I fear the "fair use"
clause will prevent me, even as the holder of the patent for the addition
algorithm, from charging for the fair use of the idea... :(

See the system is so corrupt that it *has* to specifically allow for a loophole
that can be narrowed and opened wider at the discretion of a judge at their
whim... this is not good. Repeal algorithm patent law NOW!!!

> The license can be found at
> The rationale of the license is at:
> You can find in the rationale links to other similar licenses.
> Best regards,
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