Subject: Re: Exploring the limits of free software: Cygnus, and GPL
From: Ben Laurie <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 15:25:47 +0100

Russell Nelson wrote:
> Worse, the BSD license says that I have to acknowledge the source of
> the code that I'm using, but it doesn't say that I have to retain the
> quality of it.  I don't want someone using my brand on code I haven't
> written.

There's a difference between acknowledging the source and branding. For
example, if you use Apache, you have to say "...contains software
developed by..." but if you want to use the name Apache as part of your
product name you have to ask (and the answer is usually "no", unless the
"product" is just plain, source-available Apache, e.g. IBM or Apple's

Now, whether people are too dim to work out that just because it
contains (stuff adapted from) my source, I am not responsible for all
its failings is another question. I think they aren't.




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