Subject: Re: the walls have ears
From: "R. Brock Lynn" <>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 18:23:33 -0500

David Welton wrote:

> > In the face of copyright law, that (copyright law coupled with the
> > GPL), IMHO is really the *only* *best* way for the long haul (Can
> > you extend your thinking into the coming tens of thousands of years?
> > If you can't, you are short sighted!  Perhaps you need "planning
> > glasses"?).
> ....
> > People, let's try to do a little more research before we open our mouths eh?
> Tens of thousands of years?  And then you go making smart ass comments
> like that?

Hehe, I wonder what the etymology of "smart ass" is? :) I'd really like to know
where that originated. The history of words and phrases can be very
interesting... really.

I wasn't talking to anybody in particular. But it's true: discussion based on
fact is better than discussion not based on fact, or at least some understanding
of fact as one knows it.

Maybe I should have just said what I really meant, which was on a more somber
note: "Argue on the subject at hand, based on the truth as you know it, and not
resort to personal attacks when your understanding of that truth is  proven to
be flawed by a more deeply understood truth by someone else. Instead praise the
other, and attempt to glean more understanding from the other fellow, to your
ultimate benefit."

> Remember, there are a lot of very intelligent people on
> this list - making silly statements such as this are likely to get you
> dismissed as a bozo.

Perhaps. :)

But I hope the more pompous, or rather more serious ones will see though my
playful use of words to see that I speak the truth as best I know it, and I'm
here to help in the discussion that hopefully will lead to a greater
understanding of truth and justice, in *all* matters.

> I'm already starting to just skim your postings,

Heh, sometimes my postings are so long winded that I have to just skim them as
well later on when re-reading them. ;^)

> instead of the more thorough perusals merited by others' more
> insightful commentary,

Well. At least I'm not keeping them from offing their insights. The more the
merrier. Perhaps a little drop of truth can be distilled from all this?

> and I'm not even one of the 'very intelligent'
> ones;-)

Heh, well, "intelligence" per se is not the only measure of the worth of a human
being. Some very intelligent people have done some very bad things in history.

I prefer the wisdom provided to us by a quote from Marcus Tillius Cicero:

"Careful attention to small detail often proves superior to genius."

> Hmmm.. I guess that was kind of harsh

No harm done. :)

>, but I really like the level of
> discussion this list has seen so far.

Well, if I have put if off course by my words, I do apologize.

But heck, sometimes perhaps being playful with words can be helpful to show that
we are all only human, and all make mistakes.

"And you shall know the truth, and it shall set you free."

(I hope I got that right. Where do I go to look up the exact translation from
Latin, or Greek. In fact, who *was* the first person in history to say that? I
know it is inscribed in the marble of a government building somewhere... Perhaps
the CIA or FBI?)

[Hope you don't think I'm giving Debian a bad name, by my postings with Debian
mentioned in my .sig. If so, I'll take it out. Honestly. I understand that some
people follow the mistaken belief of guilt by association. Debian is a noble
project, and I benefit every day from it.]

Take care,
--Brock Lynn

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