Subject: Re: Exploring the limits of free software
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 26 May 1999 12:07:36 -0000

D. V. Henkel-Wallace writes:
 > I put up an rfp on sXc: I need someone to add VBscript support to gdb.  I 
 > find someone to do it.
 > I get the work I paid for.
 > The gdb maintainers later reject it, perhaps because it's poorly written 
 > (likely) or perhaps (as I suspect because the hypothetical me is paranoid) 
 > for ideological reasons.  So it stops working in the next release and I get 
 > pissed off.

You're just saying that the gdb maintainers have a competitive
advantage at sXc or cosource.  Should that surprise anyone?

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