Subject: Way to go Cygnus!
From: "P Greg Wolff, M&S IMT, MR4MI2::PWOLFF, 297-6421 16-Sep-1993 1144" <pwolff@MR4MI2.ENET.DEC.COM>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 93 10:17:03 EDT

    Way to Go Cygnus!

    I'm impressed.  Good job.  Now, tell us a little more about this.  I'm

    Greg Wolff

	[excerpts from news article follow]
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	    Novell and Cygnus team to jointly develop GNU cross-platform
	    software development tools for NetWare

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Building upon the recently announced
AppWare development strategy, Novell Tuesday announced that it has entered
into an agreement with Cygnus Support to develop a version of the GNU
UNIX-based development tools for NetWare.


"The GNU Tools for NetWare are an important part of Novell's AppWare
Development Strategy because availability of network services on all NetWare
platforms is one key to accelerating the development of cross-platform
network applications."


Through the agreement, Cygnus Support and Novell will jointly enhance the
UNIX-based GNU C and C++ development tools including compilers and
assemblers and a source-level debugger to support NLM development.


The GNU development tools are a set of freely redistributable tools and
utilities and are widely used and supported by almost all major UNIX
environments.  The development tools consist of a C compiler called gcc, a
C++ compiler call g++, an assembler called gas, and a debugger called gdb.

Several other utilities support the development environment including binary
utilities, an editor, document formatting tools, a documentation browser and
a patch installer.


Cygnus Support provides consistent, stable code and commercial support for
developers using GNU tools to build applications on a variety of platforms. 
The company also offers custom development services for customers that need
to modify the existing tool set.

Cygnus delivers regular releases and updates of the tools to its customers. 
The company conducts extensive testing on all updates that have been
submitted to the Free Software Foundation, the organization chartered to
maintain and regularly release the tools.  Assuring the most up-to-date and
stable code.

Once Cygnus and Novell finalize the GNU tools for NetWare, they will become
part of the core GNU tool offering, and be available to the tens of
thousands of developers who access GNU tools on the Internet. Cygnus offers
commercial support for all of these potential customers from individual
developers to enterprise-wide organizations.


Cygnus was founded in 1989 to provide commercial support for free software. 
Cygnus provides a full range of products and services for software
developers, including custom development, site support and open systems
solutions in North America, Europe and Asia.  The company is based in
Mountain View, Calif., with an office in Cambridge, Mass.


Cygnus Support, Mountain View
Terri Thatcher, 415/903-1414
14:19 ET   JUL 13, 1993
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