Subject: Re: From a mere reader
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 28 May 1999 13:00:03 -0000

S.L. Kochanski writes:
 > How - I keep wondering - do the luminaries of the free software world *eat*??

Well, not to keep my own light under a bushel:

1) I sell support for packet drivers.  Yes, people are still using
them, and still need support, although mostly in embedded systems
these days.

2) I dual-license packet drivers for proprietary uses.  Not so much
these days.

3) I have one packet driver which I have held as proprietary (may
Stallman forgive me).  It's largely used in embedded systems where the 
end-user can't reasonably modify the system, so I don't lose any sleep 
over it.  And it helps pay the bills.

4) I have a proprietary network protocol decoder that I sell.  It
comes with source, so again, I don't feel too awful about selling it.

5) I sell support services (hand-holding, and enhancements) for qmail,
an MTA written by Dan Bernstein.  It's not Open Source software, but
then again, we're not all Dan Bernstein.  qmail has no bugs.  Honest
to goodness, it really does.  Um, doesn't, I mean.

6) I do some sysadmin work for local ISPs.

7) I sold my first-born male child into slavery.  It's amazing what
you get for a healthy white male these days.  Just a few more and I'll
be able to retire.  The wife gets a little teary when they go, y'know,
but she's looking forward to a long, happy retirement with me.

-russ nelson <>
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