Subject: Re: the walls have ears
From: Richard Stallman <>
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 00:59:51 -0600 (MDT)

    > X11 is another example; in its heydey, I am pretty sure that most
    > users were using non-free versions.  Apache is also an example.

    An example of what? Yes, it has a BSD licence, but your point is?

They are examples of non-copylefted free programs for which non-free
modified versions became very widespread, so that a large fraction of
the users did not in fact have the freedom that defines free software.

I know this is true for X; I have heard it is also true for Apache.

The point is the other paragraph that you quoted.

    Businesses that wouldn't use Apache under GPL will under BSD. 

Since many of them are using Apache on GNU/Linux, I don't believe they
would reject Apache if it were under the GNU GPL.