Subject: Suite Freedom II
From: rdm@CFCL.COM (Rich Morin)
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 93 20:58:28 PDT


	Suite Freedom II
	Winter USENIX
	January 17-21, 1994
	San Francisco Hilton
	San Francisco, CA

The ranks of freeware-based businesses have been growing quite rapidly.
On the other hand, many USENIX attendees may be unaware of this fact.  So,
let's show what we've been up to!  I am proposing that we reprise Suite
Freedom, a shared-cost hospitality suite devoted to freeware and freeware-
related businesses.  If you publish, support, or simply promote the use of
freeware, please consider participating in this co-marketing effort.  If
you know of someone else who should hear about Suite Freedom, please pass
this note on to them at once.

In a nutshell (tm :), Suite Freedom is a shared-expense hospitality suite,
staged on the premises of USENIX.  The commercial vendors each pitch in $$,
and a few non-commercial outfits (e.g., FSF, LPF) get to participate at no
cost.  I don't have any firm numbers on the cost of the suite, but I would
think we can keep the cost per vendor under $500.  Of course, this depends
greatly on how many vendors join up, and how large a suite we choose.

Anyway, please get in touch with me ASAP if you are interested.  I can't
make solid plans, let alone financial commitments, until I know what the
interest level is.  Call (415-873-7841) or email ( me and let
me know whether this sounds interesting, and what your desired budget and
floor space would be.  Meanwhile, I'll be getting the current prices from
the Hilton folks and sketching out a few possible floor plans.

Yours, Rich Morin