Subject: Re: the walls have ears
From: Alessandro Rubini <>
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 20:59:31 +0200

This point of Craig:

> the whole foundation of the GPL-bad-for-business argument (not
> quite what Tim wrote, I realize) 

made me realize why Tim's post looked strange to me...

Tim concentrated on "what free software is better to use if you make
software business". Sure bsd is better than gpl in this case, but
public domain is definitely the best software to take.

The real point, in my opinion, is "what free license is best when you
*produce* software for a business".

In this case the GPL is definitely the best option: the author doesn't
keep exclusive rights (this is the ipothesis, as we are talking of
FSB's), but at least he/she can deny third parties from stealing those
rights. That's why I only use the GPL.

On the other hand, I understand what Apache people is saying, but
Apache is a powerful and reknown software/group. Maybe the advantages
of apache being BSD are real ones. However, most companies/groups/consultants
developing free sw for a living can't afford the risk of being stolen.

And sometimes to protect from this the software is made non-libre,
even if available at no cost. But this is out of topic, as we are
talking of FSB's.