Subject: Re: the walls have ears
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 31 May 1999 02:07:50 -0000

Tim O'Reilly writes:
 > I don't think any of us (and particularly a lot of people in the
 > free software environment) understand the complex business
 > ecology we live in well enough to pontificate about it as much as
 > we do.

I think you've got it backwards.  People pontificate in order to help
understand the business ecology.  The other thing is that the exact
license might not matter in the long run, but it just might matter
when trying to meet this week's payroll.

 > But I digress.  I guess I could say "the only thing we learn from
 > history is that people will always argue about history."

Nahhhhh.....  :)

 > I give you Intel:  a knowledge-based company that uses commodity
 > materials, and yet requires ENORMOUS investment to keep on
 > innovating.

Yeah, right -- it's just sand in a fancy package.

-russ nelson <>
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