Subject: Re: Sun, BSD, and GNU
Date: 31 May 1999 06:49:00 -0000

FWIW, when someone like John writes "AT&T didn't know squat about
networking", I don't assume he means there aren't some really great
people inside AT&T who knew it very well.

(Prime didn't know squat about GUI design, workstations, all sorts
of other things.  That's reasonable for me to say, even though I
have at least some awareness of the people who left Prime so they
could work for companies doing GUI design, building workstations, etc.)

Still, the history lessons are quite helpful, particularly the parts
about the networking AT&T *did* know about (at management level),
because of the state of its customer base.  That part I definitely wouldn't
have assumed from John's comment, not really having paid attention to
that area of the market back then.  (Prime's networking was largely
based on its own token-ring implementation.)

        tq vm, (burley)