Subject: Re: Sun, BSD, and GNU
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 17:11:57 +0900 (JST)

>>>>> "Craig" == Craig Brozefsky <> writes:

    Craig> Leveraged it into Free Software, or leveraged it into
    Craig> proprietary software?  Which license lets companies
    Craig> leverage free software into proprietary code with the most
    Craig> profit return, is not a question I think is worth pursuing,
    Craig> particularly in a "Free Software Business" context, since
    Craig> by definitions such companies would not be Free Software
    Craig> companies.

By your definition, and others, perhaps.  Maybe even for the purposes
of this list.

But to me, a free software business is any business that as part of
its normal profit-oriented practices produces or distributes free
software or free documentation for software.  It doesn't have to be a
majority part, although I wish it were and I sympathize with people
who would like to define it that way.

By my definition, Aladdin is an active free software business because
Ghostscript becomes free software after a more-or-less set period,
even though Aladdin Ghostscript, the primary product, is not free
software.  I would be really uncomfortable with a definition that
excludes Aladdin from the definition of free software business, since
development of GNU Ghostscript is ongoing; it just won't be released
immediately.  I think yours does.

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