Subject: Re: the walls have bears
From: "Tim O'Reilly" <>
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 1999 16:53:34 -0700

Russell Nelson wrote:

> Use of; not creation of.  I don't know of any for-profit company which
> has created MIT-licensed software.
Come on, Russ!  What about Apache?  A bunch of the original
developers were from web hosting/design companies.  That's for
profit.  They just weren't in the software distribution
business.  Which was one of my points--that if you just focus on
software distribution, you're missing a lot of the action, as
that's going to be a less and less important part of the picture.

How does open source apply to:

* service businesses (web hosting/design/ISPs) that require this
stuff to work for their service business to flourish
* info or e-commerce businesses that rely on wide distribution of
access tools so that their essentially proprietary information
businesses can flourish
* embedded systems companies, where the software is hidden inside
a specialized piece of hardware

etc. etc.

Everyone's working on one or more of these pieces, but apart from
cygnus, no one seems to talk about the "post-PC" future and how
that might apply to OSS.

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