Subject: My ears are red (was Re: the walls have ears)
From: Paul Rohr <>
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 1999 23:51:25 -0700

At 01:29 AM 6/2/99 -0400, Brian Bartholomew wrote:
>> I participated in a thread on a different list where one of the
>> participants put together, in all seriousness, the outline of a
>> business plan for such (actually, the wordprocessor portion).  It
>> was pretty plausible[1] but IMHO doomed to failure.  Hasn't been
>> tested yet, so I don't know.
> is building this word processor, and that's where I
>stole the technical ideas from.  Their business model is different
>from the one I proposed.  Instead of selling run-time licenses, they
>are giving away the razor and selling the blades, er, GPLing the
>application, shipping gratis, and selling support.  I conclude the
>product is designed to be bad enough to require support.

Wow!  What a welcome to the list:

  - "doomed to failure" AND 
  - "designed to be bad".  

Eric and I found out about this list about a week ago, and have been waiting 
for a lull to introduce ourselves.  Is this our cue?  :-)

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