Subject: Suite Freedom II
From: rdm@CFCL.COM (Rich Morin)
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 93 10:08:22 PST


Last January, I initiated and ran "Suite Freedom", a small hospitality suite
at the Winter USENIX Conference in San Francisco.  The suite was funded by
Cygnus Support and Prime Time Freeware.  We also provided literature tables
for FSF and LPF.

This year, I have decided to expand the event dramatically.  I have reserved
enough room for up to 10 paying participants, from 5 pm on Sunday, Jan. 16
through 5 pm on Wed., Jan. 19.  Several firms have expressed interest in
exhibiting, but there is still time for other firms to sign up.  Indeed, if
enough demand emerges, it is quite possible that more space can be obtained.

So, here's the deal:

  Any organization which is heavily involved with promoting the use of free
  software is welcome to participate.  This includes authors, distributors,
  support providers, etc.  Literature space will be provided at no charge,
  but exhibit space will, in general, cost Real Money (tm).  (Once again,
  FSF and LPF will be allowed to exhibit for free.  They've earned it...)

  I plan to have at least one "conversation space", where folks can schmooze
  about freeware in general.  Freeware authors and other interested parties
  will be welcome to reserve these areas for freeware-related book signings,
  topical gab sessions, etc.

  A $500 entrance fee gets you a 6' long display table and a pair of chairs.
  What you do with this is pretty much your own business, as long as you
  don't disturb your neighbors.  Demonstration and/or sale of freeware-based
  products is specifically encouraged.  (The suite will have 110 VAC power
  and reasonable security.)

  To keep the playing field reasonably level, and the proceedings informal,
  I am not allowing participants to buy more than two tables, or to bring in
  massive trade show regalia.

  The $500 fee pays for room rental, refreshments, taxes, etc.  Most of this
  will go toward refreshments, which are *ridiculously* expensive at hotels.
  I plan to donate any remainder to one or more freeware-based non-profits,
  eliminating the task of divvying it up.

  Reservations are now being accepted.  Feel free to call, email, or write
  for more information, but note that none of this will get you a place in
  the suite: Registration precedence is based on the date I receive PAYMENT.

To register and/or get more information, contact:

	Rich Morin
	Suite Freedom II
	281 Amador Avenue			415-873-7841 (tel/fax)
	San Bruno, CA  94066 (Internet)

Include complete contact information, please, so that I can contact you about
specific arrangements, late-breaking news, etc.

Yours, Rich