Subject: Re: What is an FSB (was Re: Sun, BSD, and GNU )
From: Crispin Cowan <>
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1999 11:18:07 -0700

John McDermott wrote:

> Just what is an FSB?  Maybe we need some sort of consensus if not for the
> current discussions then for later ones.

Why would we care?  Does a company get a hero biscuit or a merit badge if they
pass a critical threshold for being a FSB?

I propose instead that we consider "free software business" to be a verb instead
of a noun.  FSB is then an activity that any company can engage in.  You can
then just say "My company is Foo % FSB", and it is unambiguous.  Microsoft
engaging in 1% FSB is very likely a marketing activity, and can operate as a
loss leader.  Red Hat engaging in near 100% FSB is treating FSB as a profit
center:  it has to survive on its own merits.

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