Subject: Re: Linux for Windows
From: "Karsten M. Self" <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 17:47:04 +0000

Douglas Miller wrote:

> We are
> planning to use an Open Source model but have the usual concerns about how
> we make money. 

In general I've the same technical concerns as others have mentioned WRT
Interix, I've demoed the product, and I see its value largely in
satisfying Posix compliance via NT.  This ground has been covered, I
won't reiterate it.  Doug's seen my views on this already anyhow.

I do feel that Interix will find itself with more significant business
issues than simply OSS/non-OSS release of SW.  The following has occured
to me.  I'm reposting my comments from the LinuxToday site (well, second
comments -- I've already posted my first take).

What Softway may have accumulated is a great deal of information on what
it takes to move Unix apps to Win32.  It's possible that this expertise
can be applied in the reverse direction.  With the probable emergence of
Linux as a primary platform, there will be a large number of MS-Centric
ISVs facing the prospect of moving to foreign territory or having the
rug pulled out from under them.  If Softway is looking for a business
model moving forward for the next five years, supporting WinXX to Unix
ports, with appropriate software support (OSS or otherwise) would be an
interesting business opportunity.

Might also give the chance for an ISV to hand it back to MSFT.... <g>

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