Subject: payment aggregator service?
From: "Russell Nelson" <nelson@CRYNWR.COM>
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 1994 11:59:14 EST

I'm thinking that I could start a business to aggregate (collect
together) small payments.  So, this business would have providers,
and clients.  The providers would supply services to the clients. A
provider would send me an email message saying "I just provided a $5
service to your client FOOBAR".  At the end of the month, I would
charge the client $5, and pay the provider a high percentage of that.
Obviously there are risks, etc, but that's my problem.

Most of the people here would be providers.  Would you be willing to
provide services for people if someone else took care of billing
(taking a percentage)?  All you would have to do is ask the customer
"Are you a TinyPay(tm) client?  Great, what's your client ID?" and
proceed with the service.

Certainly this service solves a problem for *my* company, Crynwr
Software.  I expect it would open up possibilities for lots of small
support companies.

-russ <>
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