Subject: other models (was So what is an FSB anyway?)
From: (Pat Eyler )
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 93 13:14:09 PST

>   The GPL/LGPL is a more or less good example of the kind of liberty I'm referring
>   to.  There may be others, but I'm sticking to what is the most familiar to
>   me since that's the easiest to defend. 

>There are other models.  GPL/LGPL is like some community land where
>everyone pitches in and builds a playground.  Anybody can play there.
>Something like BSDI resembles a country club where if you pay your
>dues, you get to enjoy the club with the rest of the members.
>Specifically, if you buy BSDI, you get source to most everything and
>can share changes and bug fixes with other users.  The only difference
>(that I can see) between BSDI and GPL software is that you can't give
>it out to people who haven't paid their dues. 

BSDI is giving away source for there alpha, and beta releases, but have not
(to my knowledge) said anything about the final release.  A better example
might be the Jolitz headed 386BSD which is communal and freely redistributable
like GPL/LGPL, but which has a very public domain feel.  (To the degree
that flame-fests have raged over not using GPL/LGPL because they would
inhibit resale of the system by those who wished to do so.)

            Pat Eyler