Subject: Jim Kingdon: Cyclic discontinues CVS support contracts
From: John Gilmore <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 15:40:45 -0700

Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 18:17:14 -0400
From: Jim Kingdon <>
Subject: Cyclic discontinues CVS support contracts

Cyclic discontinues CVS support contracts

Wants to pass the baton to the CVS community

Cyclic Software announced today that it is no longer offering new or
renewal Standard Support and Basic Support contracts for the CVS
version control system.  Existing contracts will, of course, be

Jim Kingdon, proprietor of Cyclic Software, said:

"One of the problems in running Cyclic has been that we have had
trouble getting the public to understand that we still see CVS as a
community project - the whole point of keeping CVS as free software is
that we want a wide variety of people to be involved in CVS
development rather than expecting Cyclic to do everything.

Of course the fact that I, until now Cyclic's only full-time worker,
just took a full-time job at Red Hat (primarily working on GCC and
other non-CVS programs) kind of underscores the point :-)."

To further this community involvement, Cyclic would like to hear from
people who are interested in activities such as working on CVS, making
releases, maintaining CVS web sites and so on.  We expect the CVS
community to set up some kind of more or less formal steering
committee to provide some of the coordination Cyclic has sometimes
provided in the past.  Cyclic will continue to operate as we ramp down
the support business and continue to sell CVS products such as
CD-ROM's and reference cards, and we will still be here to work with
anyone who wants to be more active, as needed.

CVS is the most popular version control system in the free software
community, and Cyclic has been involved in CVS development, support,
products, and providing information.  For more information on Cyclic
and CVS, see our web page at