Subject: Re: payment aggregator service?
From: "Russell Nelson" <nelson@CRYNWR.COM>
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 1994 13:58:15 EST

On Wed, 9 Feb 1994 07:17:43 -0800, "Mark Grand" <> wrote:
>    No, CheckFree just writes and mails the checks that you
>    electronically ask them to.  They don't aggregate anything.
> When I have received a check from CheckFree, the stub listed the
> clients that the check was for.  Although only one client was listed,
> I assume that if more than one of their clients were trying to pay me
> that I would simply have received an aggregate check with a stub
> itemizing the individual amounts that the check represented.

Ahha!  Okay, so maybe they do aggregate check printing.  But the
client still has to write multiple checks.

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