Subject: [ Re: EROS license]
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 26 Jun 1999 13:02:55 -0400

Jonathan accidently send this directly to me, and suggested that I
forward it to the list.  My reply follows.


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>You said that Cygnus made a binary only release.  That is what I was
>disputing.  Did you actually get that software directly from Cygnus?

Hmm.  If I said that I must have written badly.  The releases were indeed source
releases, and they did indeed come to us direct from Cygnus.

Michael misrecalls, though.  We definitely received source releases that could
only be given to us because we were under NDA.  This was prior to the
publication of the spec or the distribution of any compiler by Sun.  I was
*writing* part of the spec at the time.

Michael: I was long gone by the time Andy stiffed you.  If he did (I wasn't
there), and if there were a way to fix matters I would.  It seems to me that you
need to submit a bill to Fujitsu for collection (which I believe they might very
well pay).  When Fujitsu took full ownership of HaL they necessarily assumed any
outstanding obligations that HaL may have had.  If it will help, I will try to
get you in touch with the people at Fujitsu who might be able to act on this.

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