Subject: Re: [ Re: EROS license]
From: Michael Tiemann <>
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 10:08:13 -0700

Ian, you are right on target.  I have nothing more to add to this


Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> I don't question that you were under NDA to Sun, and I don't question
> that Sun only permitted Cygnus to distribute the code to you because
> you signed the NDA.  My point is that Cygnus did not make a binary
> only release, Cygnus did not restrict you from any further
> redistribution, and Cygnus did not violate either the letter or the
> spirit of the GPL.  Remember that the GPL does not require that
> sources be distributed to everybody; it only requires that sources be
> distributed with binaries and with no additional restrictions.  Sun
> may have restricted you from further redistribution, and I agree that
> if so they violated the terms of the GPL, but Cygnus did not.
> Ian