Subject: /usr/local - freeware-sponsored newsletter at USENIX
From: rdm@CFCL.COM (Rich Morin)
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 94 18:39:11 PDT

Please excuse the duplication if you have already received this via my
"Suite Freedom" mailing list.  I have no way to avoid overlap, and I
think both groups should be advised of this proposal.  -r

		/usr/local (newsletter for Summer 1994 USENIX)

USENIX conferences were at one time graced by a free daily newsletter named
/etc/motd.  It included late-breaking news, notes about upcoming events, etc.
I always enjoyed this, and I think most of the attendees did, as well.  For
unknown reasons, USENIX ceased publication of /etc/motd several conferences
ago.  I think this is a shame, and I propose that we do something about it.

Specifically, I propose that the Suite Freedom crowd sponsor a newsletter
named /usr/local, using essentially the same format and content as the old
/etc/motd.  The chief differences would be that:

   *	The bottom 6" of the back page would be allocated for advertising
	of freeware-related products and services.

   *	Articles about freeware would be solicited and included in the daily.

Peter Salus, the former editor of /etc/motd, has located the necessary staff,
printer, equipment, and so forth.  My interpretation of his figures tells me
that a budget of $2K would provide adequate funding, room for emergencies, a
few amenities for Peter and his assistant, and maybe a little extra.  (As in
the case of Suite Freedom II, I plan to donate any extra funds.)

The newsletter format is a single sheet, B/W, approximately legal size.  Five
issues gives us 240 square inches of available advertising space (at 6" by 8"
each day).  By charging commercial outfits $10 per square inch, we can fund
the newsletter using only 200 square inches of advertising space.  This lets
us give away 40 square inches to non-commercial outfits.

If this project sounds interesting to you, please contact me ASAP.  The space
is very cheap, so it may well go very fast.  In addition, the hassles of
getting the advertising artwork in order will go up exponentially over time.
In fact, I'm open to suggestions about staged fee schedules, etc., as long
as they don't become a hassle in and of themselves.

Yours, Rich