Subject: Re: requesting proposals -- change detection
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 11:07:51 -0400

> If you are after something else, please define what...

Apologies for the vagueness -- I'm figuring this out as I go.

I *think* that what I want is two things:

1. A robust means for detecting changes to source files.  A simple association
of the form

     (file identifier [name], version, MD5 sum)

   probably suffices.

2. A robust means for detecting changes to the *binary*.

What I want is a tool that can be run in court that will say whether the system
being used is in fact the system for which I accepted liability as provider.
One approach would be to MD5 the entire kernel.

The problem is that I really only want to detect "unauthorized" changes, where
"unauthorized" is as defined by the contract.  For example, I probably want the
user to be able to reproduce the build using the same tool chain, and I also
probably want them to be able to say things like "I don't need SCSI support;
take that out."

I don't really need to trust the user to read me the answer from the tool for
legal purposes, though it's helpful for support.  The test I really care about
will get applied in court under conditions where the proper execution of the
tool is verified by third parties.

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