Subject: Re: EROS and liability
From: Brian Bartholomew <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 14:35:29 -0400

Perhaps you could offer a formal certification service, where you take
the customer's product and examine it to see if you will agree to
carry the EROS liability.  Then you could rewrite your license so you
only accept liability for installations you've certified, no matter
whether the user believes they've modified the code or not.

The advantages are that you get to do the examination in friendly
circumstances, for pay, taking as much time as you need; and it's far
more clear to everyone who owns the liability at any given moment.

The customer can still change something behind your back, but now you
have collected a lot of evidence (sample devices, and a complete
working copy of the customer's development environment) to help
identify such changes.

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